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Khanna Travel is a one-stop-shop for all the trip lovers out there!


journey for holiday- Hop on a fun, pleasant, and perfect trip!


Don’t waste your time browsing through several websites and comparing the deals, as Trip for vacation has it all for you. We believe that it's your humankind and that's why our company makes it a point that you get to explore its every inch. Upset about covering overboard with the fund? We make sure to offer you the best deals in the demand so that you see relieved and enjoy your trip completely.

From grand adventures to quick breaks, we offer you drool-good packages on everything.


No retired charges


Khanna Travel is always clear about the pricing factor throughout the customer trip as we know that nothing makes the caller brio briskly than unanticipated levies and charges.


Well trained Team


On a trip for vacation, our platoon gets accompanied by the current development being in the tourism sector so that only precious advice can be offered as per your requirements.


Top-quality service


Volume over Quality has always been our specialty and that's why, we're passionate about making your stint indelible, instigative, and fun-filled.


Impressive Communication skills


Our client service platoon is a pro when it comes to interacting with guests and feeding to their conditions on time.


Amazingly service


Thanks to our well-structured and endured platoon, we noway fail to apply all tasks without miscalculations.



Individualized Tour Package


Wish to get a stint package specifically acclimatized to your requirements and demands? We're happy to help!


Perfect Planning


We Plan your perfect vacation with us for your Tour and Travel. Choose among hundreds of all-inclusive offers! We are located in Sanpada Navi Mumbai 


Secure Venues

We work hard to secure the best hotel rates in the most popular destinations. Search and book adventure tours now!


Beautiful Memories

Book international vacation Holiday packages with us and create memories that will last a lifetime! Create History!