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Our Team is More of Family

Our Team is more of family and is  are our strength and it is this strength which has given us the power and determination to make it big. It is the commitment of our team which will take us ahead and help us achieve our Brand Promise. 

We make  the world  truly affordable

We are a travel company aimed towards making the world truly affordable for everyone. We provide affordable travel services to everyone, anytime, anywhere in India and around the world through personalized and customized services at all offices and honest and transparent dealing with guests, partners and suppliers. 

We like to be happy, healthy and inspired

We are aware that money does not bring happiness to a workplace. In order to be happy and to perform our best, we have to find joy in what we do. Joy comes in through the people you work with, and by adding a bit of fun and having challenges to deal with. The environment at Khanna Travels is very conducive to learning and growth as well as is full of warmth and motivation. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect. The entire team is emotionally attached to the brand, gives importance to human values and are here for a purpose.